Snowmobile Expedition

At the controls of your own snowmobile, set out on a legendary adventure!

Iqaluit – Kimmirut Snowmobiling Expedition

Available on demand between March and April
Iqaluit – Kimmirut Snowmobiling Expedition
Iqaluit – Kimmirut Snowmobiling Expedition
Once you cross ice-covered Frobisher Bay, you will come upon the Meta Incognita Peninsula (land of the unknown limits). The 100 km trail snakes high desert plateaus to Katannilik Territorial Park (where there are waterfalls), the largest territorial park in Nunavut, then descends into the Soper River Valley. A full day’s ride takes you to a large, heated cabin where you will spend the night. Hop on your snowmobiles again the second morning and head to Kimmirut, crossing through the dwarf-willow forest (the only trees on Baffin Island). Once in the community, we can fill up with gas and tour this traditional, friendly community. Kimmirut is a small village with close to 450 inhabitants, located on the southern end of Baffin Island. Its residents are known for their hospitable and welcoming character. You will then head back to the cabin before sunset for a well-needed rest, before set out on the third morning for the long but exciting trek back to Iqaluit

Iqaluit – Kimmirut Snowmobiling Expedition

5 Days / 2 Nights in hotel and 2 Nights in heated cabin

$3,499.00 / person (Double Occupancy)


  • Flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit (return)
  • Hôtel (Double Occupancy) and Heated cabin
  • Meals Snacks and hot drink during the expedition
  • Expedition grade clothing (boots, insulated pants, parkas, mittens etc.)
  • Snowmobile, helmets
  • Group safety equipment
  • Transportation to and from the airport and activities.

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