Daily Guided Excursions

The true experience in the Arctic’s Capital

Canadian Signature Experience
On demand December to June 2020

Experience an authentic adventure in Nunavut’s capital. Imagine, it’s winter and you’re travelling to the Canadian Arctic. Baffin Island awaits, home to Iqaluit, capital of Nu- navut and the start of your authentic adventure through this beautiful and culturally rich land.
Engage with locals in Iqaluit while you explore town, stopping at landmarks, artisan shops or a museum. Travel across tundra or sea ice on a traditional dogsled. Venture deeper into the landscape on a sensational snowmobile excursion. Build an igloo and savour a cup of hot tea inside. Perhaps you’ll see the Northern Lights dance in waves of green across an inky sky, or witness the dawn of a new spring under 20 hours of daylight? You have left behind the well-trodden path, you’re on a Bucket List adventure with Inukpak Outfitting.
Activities included:
  • Historical & Cultural Tour of Iqaluit
  • Dog Sledding Excursion
  • Snowmobiling Excursion
  • Igloo Building Workshop
  • Custom Add-Ons
Experience our private, all-inclusive Winter Arctic Discovery tour. This best-selling trip includes flights, accommodation, excursion-grade apparel, daily guided excursions and more. Inukpak Outfitting is dedicated to ensuring your Winter Arctic Discovery exceeds expectations. Please contact us to inquire about customizations and/or add-ons to this tour (Ice Fishing, Polynya/Snowmobile, Northern Lights Viewing and Igloo Building).

Historical & Cultural Tour of Iqaluit

  •  Historical & Cultural Tour of Iqaluit
Iqaluit, Nunavut
Congratulations—you have arrived in the Canadian Arctic. Up first, a perfect introduction to this land: tour the territorial capital of Nunavut with a welcoming Nunavummiut (resident of Nunavut) as your guide.
  • Engage with your friendly host, discovering insights about daily life in this unique Inuit community.
  • Uncover fascinating local history as you tour the snowy streets—from the settlement of Frobisher Bay, to the official formation of Nunavut, to today.
  • This excursion is tailored to your interests—perhaps you’ll stop at Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre or Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, or visit boutique shops to peruse wares crafted by Nunavut’s many working artists.

Dogsledding Excursion

  •  Dogsledding Excursion
Arctic dog sledding
A team of energetic Canadian Eskimo Dogs barks and howls in anticipation—a picturesque scene in the wintery landscape. Today, you’re an Arctic musher. You’ll learn established dogsledding techniques from a talented guide before heading out on a fast-paced canine-powered adventure.
  • Interact with friendly, socialized dogs before the sled-run, getting hands-on while your guide hooks up a classic fan-hitch harnessing assembly.
  • During the early season (December through February), you’ll dogsled across tundra in scenic Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park; later-season excursions (March to June) will feature sled-runs onto the frozen Arctic sea.
  • Unharness, feed and assist in the care of your dependable dog team upon your return, bonding with these animals in gratitude for their hard work.

Snowmobiling Excursion

  • Snowmobiling Excursion
Arctic snowmobile excursion
Sea ice heaves upwards, forming sculptures that glow blue in the Northern sunlight. Boundless tundra stretches north along Baffin Island’s great expanse. And you’re set to explore it via snowmobile—a machine both efficient and exciting that typifies the modern Arctic lifestyle.
  • Enjoy detailed training from an experienced guide, then pilot your own snowmobile through an icy wonderland.
  • Travel on migration paths used by caribou for tens of thousands of years, keeping watch for rock ptarmigan and Arctic foxes along the way.
  • Follow the rhythm of the land as you explore—speed onto sea ice or ride for hours into the tundra—inspired by the territory and the people who call it home.

Igloo Building Workshop

Five-day tour or custom add-on only.
  •  Historical & Cultural Tour of Iqaluit
Igloo Building Workshop
It’s the essential Arctic experience—you’ll drive to nearby Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park to build a real igloo, from scratch, under the thoughtful instruction of your Igloo Master.
  • Learn the proper technique to build a sturdy and long-lasting igloo—just as Nunavut’s First Peoples have done for millennia.
  • Enjoy a snack and hot tea inside your newly built home, then pose for photos in and around the igloo—priceless souvenirs from this authentic Arctic adventure.

Custom Add-Ons

  • Custom Add-Ons
Custom Add-Ons
Inukpak Outfitting is dedicated to ensuring your Winter Arctic Discovery exceeds expectations. Please contact us to inquire about customizations and/or add-ons to this tour.
  • With reliable aurora activity from December to April, Iqaluit is a world-class Northern Lights viewing destination.
  • Experience a snowmobiling excursion to the polynya—also known as the floe edge—on a daylong trip to an oasis of open water against the sea ice. This is traditional Inuit hunting ground; seal sightings are possible.

Arctic Discovery

Winter Arctic

On demand December to June
3 excursions

$ 3,085 . 00 CAD + GST 5%

4 days ( 3 nights in hotel )
/person ( double occupancy )
3 excursions + Igloo

$ 3,610 . 00 CAD + GST 5%

5 days ( 4 nights in hotel )
/person ( double occupancy )
Flight & Transportation
  • Return flights from Montreal, QC. (if available on days of travel) or Ottawa, ON. to Iqaluit, NU
  • Transportation to and from Iqaluit airport and excursions
  • Full-service hotel accommodation in Iqaluit (double occupancy)
Resources & Equipment
  • Bilingual guide (Eng/Fr) for the duration of the trip
  • Trail snacks and hot drinks during the expedition
  • 3 - 4 Guided Excursions (French / English)
  • Specialized equipment and expedition grade apparel
Not included
  • Meals in Iqaluit
  • Personal travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Bad weather / out of our control, cancellation related fees
  • Gratuities

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