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Guides and staff

Inukpak (in Inuktitut, the Inuit language) means the gentle giant; it should make sense when you’ll meet the company founder. Since 2011, we are pleased to offer guided services in the Nunavut Capital, Iqaluit. Our main goal, designing products to meet “your” expectations and creating an experience of a life time. Safety, public-at-large oriented, client needs, Inuit culture and environment are our main concerns. Specialized in dog sledding, we are also offering other products such as: snowmobiling, ice fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and many more.

Louis-Philip Pothier

President/Head Guide/Instructor

Louis-Philip Pothier
With close to 20 years of guiding experience, an in-depth knowledge of the Arctic, combined with the strength of a polar bear and a friendly smile surrounded by a frozen beard, Louis-Philip welcomes you to his world: the great Canadian Arctic! In the company of this certified professional guide, wilderness first responder and “Active Guide” member of the AGPTA (Adventure Tourism Professional Guide Association), you know you’re in good hands.
Louis-Philip manages Inukpak Outfitting from his office and out on the land with his guests. You might have seen him teach a wide variety of land and survival skills such as orientation/GPS, Arctic survival, or swift water rescue; he is also a trainer from the Leave No Trace Canada Association, and a certified Avalanche Safety Trainee, with the Canadian Avalanche Association.

In addition to Inukpak Outfitting, Louis-Philip works as an Instructor for Sirius MedX, teaching all levels of ‘’Wilderness First Aid“.

At home, he is a proud “papa” of 3 young adventurous explorers and maybe (in his greatest dreams!) 3 future great Inukpak Outfitting guides!

Martine Dupont

Vice-President of Operations, Head Guide, Director of “Awesomeness”!

Martine Dupont

Yes! You read that right, Martine is the Director of “Awesomeness”! Martine is more than just the Vice-President of Operations or one of our Head Guides, she is the one keeping us in line. Without her, we would only be a bunch of guides with little to no sense of direction.

Chances are, you will meet her on the trail, running her dog team, riding snowmobiles, hiking, kayaking or giving a cultural city tour. Like a true Mama, she will take great care of you and make sure you have the time of your life. Ask her about Inuit culture and traditional ancestral knowledge, two of her favourite subjects; she even has a sound knowledge of the Inuktitut language.

Martine has a wide skill set: wilderness first responder, “Guide” member of the AGPTA (Adventure Tourism Professional Guide Association), she is also a trainer from the Leave-No-Trace Canada Association, and a certified Avalanche Safety Trainee with the Canadian Avalanche Association.

Have you ever participated into one of her Team Building sessions? Let her unleash your team’s full potential. Martine is well recognized by her peers in the Arctic tourism industry, mainly for her exhaustive list of realizations and for long years working for private businesses, non-for profit organizations and governmental institutions.

In addition to Inukpak Outfitting, Martine works as an Instructor for Sirius MedX, teaching all levels of ‘’Wilderness First Aid“.

In short, she guides and cares like a maman! And she has a strong experience of it since she is the proud mother of three little adventurers who aren’t afraid of the cold.


Benoit Havard


Benoit Havard
For over 30 years, “Ben” has been passionate about the North, and fascinated by its people, their stories and their way of life. From Antarctica to the Arctic, he had brought guests kayaking and hiking, introducing them to nature.
He has travelled through and lived in Russia, Siberia and the Canadian Arctic. 20 years ago, he embarked on a 3-year bike tour from Paris to Montreal, taking the long route, with his dog Misha, where he developed a deep respect and admiration for people living in extreme Northern conditions.
More recently, Ben was attracted to snow sailing and sees this method of travel as a means connect with the people he is drawn to so strongly. He has introduced Inuit youth to snow sailing and believes the sport can be a link to their past allowing Inuit youth to connect with the land.
He currently lives in Iqaluit with his wife, daughter and two sons. With 4 children and a dog to care for, he feels blessed to be able to live and explore our majestic North.

Fernando Castañeda Bucci


Benoit Havard
A passionate and skilled guide, Fernando is always ready for new adventures. With more than 16 years experience behind him, including more than three crisscrossing the sea ice, his love of guiding and passion for discovering new horizons will shine through.
Whether for work, leisure or personal challenge, his travels have brought him not only to the far reaches of Canada but also on many adventures throughout the world in New Zealand, Alaska, the American South-West, Asia and Europe. By dog sled, sea kayak, canoe, bicycle, snowshoe, or on his own two feet he jumps at any opportunity to discover, learn and grow.
This lover of the Canadian Arctic is also a grand master of resourcefulness who is sure to make your trip to the Far North an unforgettable experience. Take full advantage of Fernando’s skill and enthusiasm, and make sure to ask him for tips and tricks to ensure your excursion is one of a kind.

Étienne Denis


Benoit Havard
Etienne spent over five years in Iqaluit and left a piece of his heart there when he left. He loves being alpha to a pack of rambunctious sled dogs and filling his lungs with cold, crisp arctic air. Typically a man of few words, you may be able to get him telling stories if the subject is the tundra, aurora, dog sledding, kite-skiing, ski joring or icy adventures.

Hervé Gerbe


Benoit Havard

Hervé is a traveller at heart. He takes every opportunity to transform his trips into unique adventures, whether at work or on personal journeys. From France to Canada, with detours to Central America, Brazil and Nepal, he has always embraced new challenges.

After a long period of studies, he decided to change his lifestyle and become an adventure guide, and he now strives to add adventure into every day.

He is eager to share his passion and knowledge of the Far North and his contagious smile will warm you up even on the coldest days!

Special Project Staff

Inukpak outfitting special project staff
A key factor in Inukpak Outfitting’s success has been its ability to attract increasingly qualified and professional staff over the years, gradually raising the bar for Arctic tourism industry standards. Our team of experienced guides, assistant guides, cultural tour guides, instructors, snowmobile drivers, dog helpers, hunters and fishermen has only one goal: offering you a fun and safe environment to explore their backyard, the largest frozen playground in America.

The Boys

Arthur, Victor & William

The Boys
They were born in the business! It’s in their blood, the result of having guides for a mom and dad! They all have been dog sledding before they were five DAYS old! Despite their young age, they’ve been winter camping more often than most Canadians ever dream of doing! You might see them around the dog yard feeding the dogs and socializing the pups, driving snowmobiles, hauling gear with their dad, walking the tundra with backpacks bigger than they are, and yes, most of the time in school just like normal kids their age! If family dreams get their way, they might be your dedicated guides before long.