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Inukpak Outfitting, a leader in the local tourism industry, has developed a much-appreciated high-quality range of tailored and customized services. Whether you are hosting special guests, VIPs or executives, we certainly have that little something you could offer them to make their visit so unique and memorable. Inukpak Outfitting’s highly qualified staff has, over the years, worked with International Ministers, the entourage of the Canadian Governor General, foreign country Dignitaries and Diplomats, among others.

Private Group / VIP’s / Executives

Should you choose an outing in our “à la Carte” excursion listing, or work with us to design an all-inclusive “Extend Your Stay” program, we will ensure to bring your experience far beyond your expectations.

All our special guests agree on one thing: they might not remember their primary reason for visiting, but the time spent with us will etch memories unlikely to fade away.