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Inukpak Outfitting is a leader in the Arctic, with years of experience in the tourism industry, spent acquiring unique knowledge in a wide variety of domains. When you contact us for a private consultation, you will gain access in few hours to what took us years to amass.

Self-guided expeditions consulting

Sit with one of our guides and bombard him/her with a million questions: destinations, best route, preferred gear, pre-training programs, climate, etc. Get answers that, without our help, could cost you hours of research on the Internet, or, even worse, that you could’ve found out the hard way

Training development consulting

Inukpak’s team has worked closely with the industry to determine learning needs. Our team will identify appropriate training tools and methodologies. Once they are approved by your organization, we will design and develop creative and engaging blended learning solutions and training materials for various delivery methods, and facilitate engaging training sessions.

Tourism industry development consulting

As we have planned, developed and promoted all the tourism and outdoor programs offered by Inukpak Outfitting, we can provide consulting services and professional advisory on solutions, best practices and strategies for successful development and implementations of tourism projects and programs in Nunavut: from the industry to the industry, same language, same realities.