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Never venture on the land without the essentials and be the one your friends can count on. Learn the basics of survival and take these few easy steps to make your next excursion safer. For years, Inukpak Outfitting has taught Arctic Survival & Preparedness course to groups of all ages and backgrounds, from boy scout groups to fully trained military personnel.

Arctic Survival and Preparedness

Our instructor will lead you through eye-opening scenarios to improve your survival skills, from emergency decision-making to safe planning and preparation of excursions. After a few hours in a classroom setting, we will head outside for a fun, hands-on session, putting what you’ve just learned into practice. Contact us to discuss your needs. It will be our pleasure to offer you a custom course that will fit your requirements.

Arctic Survival & Preparedness course outline:

  • The Necessities of Life
  • Decision-Making
  • Emergency Survival Kit
  • Clothing System
  • Shelter
  • Heat—Fire
  • Food—Water
  • Emergency Signalling
  • Arctic Animal Hazards and Management
  • Planning an Excursion
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