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Map, compass and GPS

You have it right: very limited landmarks, unmarked trails and areas not covered by recent maps are only a few contributing factors to making Arctic terrain one of the hardest to navigate. Through that course, we will teach you how to effectively use map and compass; an interactive, hands-on indoor session will be followed by an on-the-land skills practice. Be prepared and never get lost again!

GPS “for dummies”

GPSes are they are everywhere: in our cars, in our homes, in our phones, even in some watches! Learn their basic functions and uses. A fun and interactive classroom session will be followed by a hands-on, in the field, practice session. We’ll have simple units for you to use or bring your own to learn more about its functionalities. Contact us and set up a course for your group; whether you are from a youth organization with limited experience using this technology or avid hunters and land enthusiasts with years of experience, we will adjust our course to meet your needs.
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