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Wilderness First Aid/Sirius Wilderness Medicine

For more than 25 years, Sirius Wilderness Medicine has been a leader in Wilderness First Aid training, risk management and medical support services. Founded in 1990, Sirius is known both at home and abroad for the expertise and experience of our staff and for delivering exceptional programs and solutions.

Wilderness First Aid/Sirius Wilderness Medicine

Louis-Philip Pothier, president of Inukpak Outfitting is proud to be an instructor for Sirius Wilderness Medicine.

Sirius is the largest provider of wilderness safety training in Canada. They offer Wilderness First Aid courses and all levels of practical training to resource industries, government, scientific exploration groups and outdoor professionals, working on remote sites or travelling in wilderness environments. Unlike standard urban-based first aid courses, these programs are specially designed to cover remote medical emergencies that are beyond the reach of Emergency Medical Services or 911.

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